After Workout Diet -Add Muscle Glycogen After Exercise

Keep a daily balanced varied diet is very helpful for quickly muscle building. What diet is the most effective to build muscle fast with less pain?

Carbohydrates – supplement sugar, prevent muscle soreness, and to maintain the efficiency of the immune system is very important, your goal is to daily intake (8-15 servings / day)

Source: cereals, including bread, oatmeal, beans, corn, rice cakes, rice, pizza, jacket potatoes with.

Protein – can speed up muscle recovery rate. Track and field athletes need a lot of protein, daily intake of about 75-100 grams

Source: eggs, lean meat, skim milk, tuna, tofu, yogurt, peanut butter, fish, skim white cheese

Fat – can reduce muscle pain, reduce inflammation, and store spare glycogen

Source: olive oil, fish 3-4 times per week, avocado, nuts, almonds, etc.

Fruits and vegetables – to reduce damage to the muscle cells, to maintain the efficiency of the immune system, reduce pain after training, vitamin C can help you recover from the pain. You need to eat 4-6 times a day of vegetables and 3-5 servings of fruits.

Source: broccoli, sweet potatoes, strawberries, tomatoes, oranges, kiwi, carrots, pineapple, beans, peppers, bananas, blueberries, zucchini, cabbage, spinach, almonds, oranges, vegetables, butter, mango, raisins.

Note: The movement should be 30 minutes after the intake of carbohydrates and protein to promote muscle recovery and storage of glycogen. For example you can eat skim milk oil cheese bread circle coated, coated peanut butter wheat fruit sandwiches, pizza, containing milk, nuts or fruit wheat porridge, tuna sandwich or tuna sauce, a sports bar, trail mix or yogurt, white cheese or fruit, tortillas, cheese or tomato.

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